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Sissy Sanctuary 

THE Event For Sissy Girls!

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About US

About Us

Sissification is a subset of the main stream cross dressing/fetish community that combines elements of femdom (female domination), extremely intricate cross dressing and a form of BDSM activity unique to this subgenre. Artists such as Priss, Prim, K@t and Dov’s Sherman have all helped visually define what this fetish looks like on paper however, there is a huge gap for those interested in looking like a prissy sissy and actually achieving this look.

An aspirant Prissy Sissy faces all of the challenges of a regular cross dresser while trying to achieve that ‘pop!’ that so uniquely defines the Prissy Sissy look – this is where we come in…


Sissy Sanctuary offers a unique service to the aspirant sissy providing a one stop shop for that first experience into what can be a frustrating and costly world


We differentiate ourselves by our ‘inside out’ view with the Sanctuary being run jointly by a CIS gender female dominant with a love of sissies and a life long sissy cross dresser

We are


  • Sissy focused – although you are submissive you are the star of the show and we will help you fulfil your full sissy potential. Our dominants are focused on helping you to become even more sissy than you already are and this can only be achieved by focusing on you as an individual.  

  • Discreet – when you come to use you will not end up all over the Internet. We have a strict no photograph policy and we do not hold customer data beyond a booking or event, except when expressly permitted to do so according to your communication preferences. 

  • Fun! – sissificaiton is colourful and fun and we represent that in out outlook, no drab Dommes or bad looks just high glamour and action

Who are the staff?

Mistress Ruby Rain – Head Mistress and Co-Founder

Is a CIS gender female and Professional Dominatrix

Mistress Ruby has always been a very ‘girly’ girl – from a love of playing with dolls, and dressing up as a girl, to hair, makeup, and gorgeous clothing as a teen and adult. Aesthetics are very important to Mistress Ruby.


As her BDSM journey unfolded through her 20s and 30s, so did her love of feminisation, glamour, and dressing boys as girls. Becoming a lifestyle and then professional Domina, Mistress Ruby soon fell in love with sissification and all of the ritual and beauty it entails.


She holds advanced qualifications in beauty therapy, makeup and coaching, all of which she can utilise to bring out your inner sissy and help you feel confident enough to let your true colours shine.


Claire Maquette – Head Girl and Co-Founder

Claire is a life long Prissy Sissy fetishist and is responsible for the overall style and look of the Sissy Sanctuary. She will act as both a role model and instant best friend to nervous sissies attending the Sanctuary.


Claire has been there and done it and will help you achieve the same...

What is a Sissy?

The term ‘Sissy’ has many definitions however, within this context we are referring to a unique style of Cross Dressing popularised by artists such as Priss, Prim, C@t and Dov’s Sherman.


Sissies in this style are usually wearing completely impractical but extremely flamboyant dresses that highlight their submission to their dominant.

A typically Sissy outfit comprises

  • Underwear: Corset, panties, bra, breast forms, tights, petticoats

  • Outerwear:  Dress, hair bows, gloves

  • Additional: Heels, handbags, handfan (a cool sissy is a happy sissy), makeup, wig


Combining all of this together is a challenge and creating this ‘coord’ (as CIS gender girls call it) can cost a small fortune. Sissy Sanctuary removes all this stress and gives you and ‘out of the box’ perfect sissy look from the get go.   

The always perfect Sissy Candy


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