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Question and answer

We are sure that you have a million questions at this point, that is totally natural and we will do our best to answer them hear...

Question: “Do I have to participate in forced-bi play?”

Answer: “Absolutely not, in fact you will not be forced to do anything except hang out and have fun. The Sissy Sanctuary will allow you to go as hard or as soft as you like.”

Question: “Can I purchase my outfit?”

Answer: “Yes we are happy to facilitate this service”

Question: “Do you do one-on-one experiences, or just group events?”

Answer: “We do, in the Brighton area of the UK. Please enquire via the contact form.”

Question: “Can I take drugs?”

Answer: “Absolutely not! You will be asked to leave if you do”

Question: “Do I have to be transgender to come?”

Answer: “No, we accept all gender identities within the Sissy Sanctuary”

Question: “I am scared….will the world come crashing down around my head?”

Answer: “No….you may think this is the most extreme experience you have ever had however, in an increasingly liberal world, you are in fact totally safe. Come Monday you will be no different and your life will go on”

Question:” I cant shave my legs/ body before I attend, is that a problem?”

Answer: “No we only stipulate that you have a close face shave before the event and arrive washed and clean for the event”

Question:”What kind of clubs do you go to?"

Answer: "We attend main stream fetish clubs like Torture Garden and Spank!. These clubs are extremely liberal and dressing in fetish attire is mandatory to gain entry. They are totally safe spaces for Sissy play

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