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Chaperoned Club Nights

The United Kingdom is blessed with some of the worlds best and most extreme fetish clubs however, attending them for the first time can be a daunting experience, especially if you want to attend cross dressed and even more so if you want to go in Prissy Sissy mode.


While fetish club nights offers a safe space, we offer an experience. You will be dressed to the highest standards of sissification and then escorted to and from the club. Sissy Sanctuary staff members will be with you all night to help with any issues and most importantly facilitate any BDSM play idea that you want to explore. This is a differentiator for the Sissy Sanctuary experience as just because you attend a fetish club, it does not mean that anyone will talk to you or want to play with you. We help break the ice and introduce you to the wonderful world of fetish clubbing in sissy mode.


This style of event caters to those sissies who want to explore the public humiliation aspect of the sissy fetish. We facilitate this by running this as a group event with no more than 5 sissies in attendance and by attending a main stream fetish club night where cross dressing is the norm.


What is the format of a Sissy Sanctuary Club Night?


  • Pre-party in a fully equipped dungeon – arrive at 6pm, relax and be transformed into a Prissy Sissy. Enjoy complimentary bubbles and grown comfortable around your sissy sisters.

  • Club night till late – travel to the fetish club around 9pm till 2am. Meet people and play, with Sissy Sanctuary staff members on hand to facilitate any interactions that you would like to explore

  • After party in the dungeon till early – after party at the dungeon till 5am. Your chance to explore more intimate fantasies with a dominant either as a group or in a one on one capacity

  • Back to boy – while the party ends at 5am you have a couple of hours to turn fully back into guy mode. Layer on the Lynx and the world will never know about the transformative experience you have just had


Notes on the event

  • This is a group activity with a handful of other sissies, many find the experience of being cross dressed around another cross dressed male arousing, even if there is no sexual interaction between them. This night plays to this fantasy. However, if you would prefer a one on one experience rather than a group event, please contact us via the ‘contact us form’ and we can discuss the options.

What is covered in the cost?

  • All cross dressing items, Dungeon hire, Pro Dominant costs, transport to and from the club, club entry fee and drinks at the pre and after party. You will need to cover the cost of your drinks at the club however, we advise that you go easy as the night is overwhelming enough!

  • Cost: £450 per sissy - max 5 places

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